Thumbs Up Graduate


Roman's College of Country Knowledge

It's Heidi From Morengo VS. Roman!

February 26, 2019 is the email to enroll is Roman's College of Country Knowledge.

That's how Heidi ended up as a contestant on Roman's College of Country Knowledge.

But mybe she should have studied a little bit more before taking this test....

Today's Questions:

1.  Brooks and Dunn will be part of the Battle Rounds during the 16th season of this reality show singing competition.  What is it? (The Voice)

2. This singer says she knew the song "The Middle" would be a hit because of how catchy and infectious it is.  Who sings that song? (Maren Morris)

3.  Scotty McCreery says that he thinks that advice from Lady Gaga helped him win American Idol.  What is the name of McCreery's current hit song? (This Is It)

4.  FGL's "Cruise" was the longest #1 on the country charts until that record was broke by Sam Hunt's "Body Like A Backroad." Another FGL song ended up breaking that record for longest #1.  What song was it? (Meant To Be)

5.  This 1997 Shania Twain album went platinum 20x's!  What was the name of that album? (Come On Over)