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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

There Is $700 In The Rolling Jackpot!

February 27, 2019

Chris from Hoffman Estates told Stylz and Roman that he would destroy him in Roman's College of Country Knowledge.

Did Chris back up his words or did he fall to Roman like so many before him?

Got what it takes?


Today's Questions: 

1. Actor Liam Hemsworth was not at the Grammy Awards with his wife because he was in the hospital recorvering from an illness.  Who is he married to? (Miley Cyrus)

2.  Some people think that Katy Perry ruined the tribute to this country music legend at the Grammy Awards.  Who was the tribute for? (Dolly Parton)

3. This member of Florida Georgia Line and his wife are expecting baby #2.  Which member of FGL is it? (Tyler Hubbard)

4. Pink didn't win at the Grammy Awards, so her kids made her one of her own.  Pink did a country song with Kenny Chesney.  What was it called? (Setting The World On Fire)

5.  Luke Combs is featured on the new Brooks and Dunn album on a song that is a remake of what 1991 song by the group.  What is the name of that song? (Brand New Man)