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Will Brent From The 2-1-9 Win Some Money For His Honeymoon?

March 28, 2019

Brent is from Northwet Indiana and planning on getting married soon.

He's also planning on taking his soon to be wife on a honeymoon and the $1750 in the rolling jackpot would really help out with it.

Is Brent taking his fiancee on a lavish honeymoon or will they be headed to the Indiana Dunes instead?

Take a listen to find out and then see if you have what it takes by emailing

Today's Questions:

1.  Billy Ray Cyrus will release his 16th album "The Snake Doctor Circus" soon.  Cyrus is the famous father of what singer and actress? (Miley Cyrus)

2.  Kelly Clarkson did a cover of the song "Boys Round Here" during a recent concert.  The artist who did the song first must have liked it because he posted the video of Clarkson singing his song on social media.  Who was it? (Blake Shelton)

3.  This singer has been performing an acoustic version of his song "Beautiful Crazy" and many say it sounds like a classic country song.  Whose song is it? (Luke Combs)

4.  Jason Aldean just sold his home outside of Nashville for over seven million dollars.  That home is in Tennessee, but that's not where he is grew up.  What state was it? (Georgia)

5.  The first names of the two people in this group are Kix and Ronnie and they're about to go in to the Country Music Hall of Fame.  What is the name of their group? (Brooks and Dunn)