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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

You Have To Study Long and Hard To Graduate From This College!

April 18, 2019

$2500 bucks could help a lot in a move from the 219 to the 312.

Claire from Valpo called in to play Roman's College of Country Knowledge with that thought in mind!

Did she win? Did she lose?

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Today's Questions: 

1.  US99's Country Class of 2019 features Brandon Lay, Ryan Hurd, Mitchell Tenpenny, and Rachel Wammack.  Which one of those artists is married to Maren Morris? (Ryan Hurd)

2.  Carrie Underwood says she had a magraine and a rough night with her new baby the night before this recent awards show.  What show was it? (The ACM Awards)

3.  Chris Janson co-wrote Tim McGraw's 2012 song "Truck Yeah."  He also played harmonica on Lee Brice's song "Beer."  Which of those two artists mentioned was born in Louisiana? (Tim McGraw)

4.  Florida Georgia Line's hit "Meant To Be" was actually inspired by one of the duo's wife.  Haley is married to which member of FGL? (Tyler Hubbard)

5.  "Center Point Road" comes out at the end of next month.  Thomas Rhett has released three previous studio albums.  There was 2013's "It Goes Like That", 2015's "Tangled Up" and WHAT album in 2017? (Life Changes)