DIerks SNR


Roman's College of Country Knowledge


April 22, 2019

Roman was on a roll this morning until a question about Dierks Bentley tripped him up and cost him $2,600!

That means Dominic from Riverside graduated from Roman's College of Country Knowledge and scored that record breaking jackpot!

If you think you would have gotten right what Roman got wrong, email Mornings@US99.com!

Today's Questions: 

1.  "Mama's Broken Heart" was actually written by Kasey Musgraves, but was actually a hit for another artist. Who was it? (Miranda Lambert)

2.  A video of a mashup of the songs "Day Drunk" and "Tequila" has gone viral.  Who are the artists behind those songs? (Morgan Evan and Dan and Shay)

3.  Brooks and Dunn shared in a recent interview that they see the future of country music in Kasey Musgraves, Ashley McBride and what bearded North Carolina born singer? (Luke Combs)

4.  Thomas Rhett's wife and daughters are both in the music video for "Look What God Gave Her."  That song will be on Rhett's album that comes out at the end of May.  What is it called? (Center Point Road)

5. If you want to see two major country names perform for free during the NFL Draft, you might want to head down to Nashville.  Tim McGraw is performing for free on April 26th.  What other country music superstar is performing the following day? (Dierks Bentley)