Sam Hunt

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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

It's Linda From Lombard VS. Roman

April 11, 2018

Who knew country music more, Roman or Linda from Lombard?

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Today's questions:

1. Garth Brooks and his wife recently made the announcement of who is going into the Country Music Hall of Fame this year.  Who did he make the announcement with? (Trisha Yearwood)

2. In the Sam Hunt song “Body Like A Back Road”, what speed does Hunt say that he’s doing? (15 In A 30)

3. Darius Rucker is a HUGE fan of this NFL team and even sang in a song about how that team “made him cry.”  What team is it? (Miami Dolphins)

4. Blake Shelton once said in an interview that this “magically delicious” cereal should be just the marshmallows and nothing else.  What cereal was he referring to? (Lucky Charms)

5. Rhett is actually the middle name of Thomas Rhett.  What is his actual last name? (Akins)