Chris Stapleton

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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

The Rolling Jackpot Is Currently At $400!

April 25, 2018

Austin had his little boy in the car while playing Roman's College of Country Knowledge today, was he any help in getting the questions right?

The rolling jackpot is currently at $400 bucks!

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Today's Questions:

1. Chris Stapleton says this hit song of his was inspired by "people who have passed away before their time."  What song is it? (Broken Halos)

2. Thomas Rhett’s wife is selling specially made necklaces to help the children of this country….which is also the country that their daughter Willa Gray was adopted from.  Where is it? (Uganda)

3. Their won’t be any more babies for this member of Lady Antebellum after another member revealed that he had gotten….quote….a snip job.  Who was it? (Dave Haywood)

4. Kasey Musgraves will appear on one of the two finale episodes of Saturday Night Live this year.  Musgrave’s co-wrote the song “Mama’s Broken Heart” for what artist?  (Miranda Lambert)

5. Shania Twain was hanging with this female rapper, known for songs like “Starships” at Coachella.  They even posted some pics on social media together.  Who was it? (Nicki Minaj)