Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Tasha From Waukegan Battles It Out With Roman!

May 17, 2018
Kane Lauren

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Tasha from Waukegan wants to take her daughter on vacation and the $1200 in the rolling jackpot would help her do that!

Kane Brown says it was super awkward when he performed this song with Lauren Alaina at the ACM Awards.  What song was it?

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Today's Questions: 

1. Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson will be judges on the upcoming season of The Voice.  What other TV show have both Hudson and Clarkson both appeared on…but not in the same season? (American Idol)

2. Kane Brown says that his performance with Lauren Alaina at The ACM Awards a couple weeks back was super awkward.  What song did the two perform? (What Ifs)

3. Taylor Swift invited over 2000 foster kids to the dress rehearsal before the kickoff to her current tour and even had a pizza party with them all afterward.  In what city did Taylor kickoff her tour in? (Phoenix)

4. Keith Urban’s new album debuted at #1 on the country charts.  What is the name of his latest album? (Graffiti U)

5. Maren Morris says she’d really like a remake of “Coyote Ugly” to be made so she can write music for the soundtrack.  What state was Morris born in? (Texas)