Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Can He Beat An Arlington Heights Police Officer?

May 18, 2018
Keith Urban

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Since Stylz and Roman were broadcasting live for the Special Olympics Cop on Top at Dunkin Donuts, Roman faced off with a unique challenger.

Roman actually played against an Arlington Heights police officer with some police-centric questions in Roman's College of Country Knowledge!

You don't have to be an officer of the law to play though, all you need to do is email!

Today's Questions:

1. This is the police code for an involuntary 72-hour hold in a psychiatric facility, for evaluation.  But it’s also the name of a hit country song.  Name the title and artist of that song… (5150 by Dierks Bentley)

2. This Keith Urban song is all about falling in love in the back of a cop car.  What is the name of the song? (Cop Car)

3. There’s currently a series of TV shows based around different public services in Chicago. One of those shows is Chicago P.D. What other two that are currently airing? (Chicago Fire and Chicago Med)

4. What classic country artist is behind the song “Folsom Prison Blues”, which is all about serving time in a California prison… (Johnny Cash)

5. Finish this lyric….Bad Boys Bady Boys… (“What'cha gonna do? What'cha gonna do when they come for you?”)