Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Domenica From Elmhurst Challenges Roman

June 4, 2018

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Roman graduated fro Elmhurst College, but will his challeneger, Domenica, who is also from Elmhurst, graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge?

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Today's Questions:

1. Dierks Bentley has teamed with Pepsi for its Pepsi Generations campaign.  Other artist in the campaign include Ray Charles, Britney Spears and fittingly, “The King of Pop.” Who is that? (Micheal Jackson)

2. Carrie Underwood will be inducted into her home state’s Hall of Fame in November, which is the highest honor a resident can get.  What state is it? (Oklahoma)

3. Miranda Lambert is teasing new music from her group Pistol Annie’s…which hasn’t put out anything since 2013.  Lambert runs an animal related charity.  What is it called? (Muttnation Foundation)

4. This group just released the song “Love Ain’t” which tells the story of Taylor Morris, who lost both arms and legs serving in Afghanistan in 2012, and his emotional return to his home.  What group is it? (Eli Young Band)

5. Bebe Rexha says she had never heard of Florida Georgia Line before “Meant To Be” was recorded.  Rexha is from Brooklyn, New York.  Which member of FGL is from Florida? (Brian Kelley)