Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Check Out Contestant Garret's Response To The Miranda Lambert Question!

June 21, 2018

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Sometimes when you can't come up with the right answer, it's better to just come up with a funny answer.

That's what Garret from Joliet did when he'd didn't know the answer to a question in Roman's College of Country Knowledge about Miranda Lambert!

Whether you give Stylz and Roman the right or wrong answer, you need to email to play!

Today's Questions:

1. Brett Young says he’s nervous about singing at his own upcoming wedding.  What Young song was all about not being able to go to sleep without the goodnight phone call or text? (Sleep Without You)

2. Keith Urban says he loves Kelsea Ballerini’s spirit….and that you can expect some on stage collaborations during his tour.  What is the name of Urban’s current tour? (Graffiti U)

3. Sugarland says that the idea for the “Babe” music video was totally Taylor Swift’s.  Swift also wrote the song “Better Man” for what group? (Little Big Town)

4. Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban and Blake Shelton are playing a special Fourth of July concert for Macy’s in NYC next month.  Which one of these three artists played guitar on Tim McGraw's 2013 song "Highway Don't Care"? (Keith Urban)

5. Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation helped over 50 dogs find homes during the CMA Fest.  Lambert last released an album in 2016.  What was it called? (The Weight of These Wings)