Roman's College of Country Knowledge

It's Dena From Gary VS. Roman!

June 27, 2018

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Today's contestant in Roman's College of Country Knowledge, Dena, was from Gary, Indiana.

Why is that important?

Well, Roman's favorite artist of all time is Michael Jackson, who was born in Gary!

No matter where you live, getting to play is as easy as emailing!

Today's Questions:

1. True or false…Blake Shelton actually owned a pet turkey when he was growing up… (TRUE)

2. Taylor Swift says she grew up on a farm where they sold this type of tree.  What type of tree was it? (Christmas Trees)

3. Maren Morris and her hubby went after someone on Twitter who claimed that Maren’s outfits invited lewd advances from guys.  What is Maren’s husband’s name? (Ryan Hurd)

4. Samuel is Tim McGraw’s actuall real first name…Tim is actually his middle name.  What state was Tim McGraw born in? (Louisana)

5. Which song features the lyrics “Somebody’s got to feed that jukebox, somebody’s got to drink that beer, somebody’s got to get all rowdy and raise hell in here….” (All Day Long by Garth Brooks)