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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Erin from Addison Steps Up To Bloomingdale Native Roman!

June 28, 2018

Erin from Addison didn't have much luck with the first three questions in Roman's College of Country Knowledge.

But, she did know about Cole Swindell and Jimmy Buffett, so she got the last two right!

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Today's Questions: 

1. This singer must be in heaven because he has the most streamed album of 2018 and is the only artist to have topped all five of Billboard’s country sales and airplay charts simultaneously. Who is he? (Kane Brown)

2. This singer dog is named after Porter Wagner, Dolly Parton’s longtime duet partner.  Who is Porter’s owner? (Chris Young)

3. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill say they have separate dressing rooms while on tour….so that they can both have time to themselves when they need it.  What is the name of their tour called? (Soul 2 Soul)

4. His new album “All of It” will be released in August and his new song “Break Up In The End” is out now.  Who is he? (Cole Swindell)

5. Kenny Chesney’s new album features Jimmy Buffett of Margaritaville fame.  What are Buffet’s fans commonly referred to as? (Parrot Heads)