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Roman Lost....and It Cost Him $1400 Dollars!

June 29, 2018

Not knowing what major country singer that Caroline Boyer is married to cost Roman a ton of cash this morning!

$1400 dollars to be exact!

If you think you could have answered all of these questions right, email!

Today's Questions:

1. It’s been nearly two decades since he’s had a number one song, but David Lee Murphy just scored one with this song he did with Kenny Chesney.  What’s it called? (Everything's Gonna Be Alright)

2. This singer turned down two full-ride scholarships to The University of Texas at Austin and the Berkley College of Music, and later turned down two record deals before winning American Idol. Who is she? (Kelly Clarkson)

3. Justin Timberlake and this country artist are up for Male Artists Choice Song Award at the upcoming Teen Choice Awards for the song “Say Something.”  Who is it? (Chris Stapleton)

4. Both Shania Twain and Faith Hill say they’ve both worked under the Golden Arches of this fast food chain when they were growing up.  What was it? (McDonalds)

5. This singer is married to Caroline Boyer who was his college sweetheart from when they both went to Georgia Southern University.  Who is he? (Luke Bryan)