Roman's College of Country Knowledge

It's All About Urban, Idol and More!

July 10, 2018

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Heather from Bradley wants to buy her son a new dirtbike for his birthday and the $350 bucks in the rolling jackpot would surely help!

But she needed to know everything about Sugarland, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Cole Swindell and FGL to do it!

If you've studied up, email for your shot!

Today's Questions:

1.  Nicole Kidman just turned 51 recently.  She’s married to a major country music star.  Who is he? (Keith Urban)

2. Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” “is a record breaking song.  It actually overtook "Need You Now” by this group to become the #1 best-selling digital Country single of all time. Who did “Need You Now”? (Lady Antebellum)

3. This American Idol winner and reality show judge says that she doesn’t work out at all and credits clean eating for her 37 pound weight loss.  Who is she? (Kelly Clarkson)

4. His new album “All of It” will be released in August and his new song “Break Up In The End” is out now.  Who is he? (Cole Swindell)

5. Even though they are now a duo….how many members were there in the group Sugarland originally? (Three)