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July 13, 2018

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Today's Questions: 

1. The final soundtrack album for the TV series Nashville will be released later this month.  The Nashville TV series first aired on ABC before moving to what network? (CMT)

2. Jake Owen once vowed that he’d never play the songs 'The Joker,' 'Jack & Diane,' and 'Sweet Home Alabama'' once he made it.  Problem is one of those songs inspired his current hit.  What is the name of that current song? (I was Jack, You Were Diane)

3. LoCash says the President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs should give them World Series rings because they sang the National Anthem at the WS home game the Cubs won.  Who is Cubs President of Baseball Operations? (Theo Epstein)

4. Miranda Lambert says she didn’t do any interviews for her last album because she knew she could face all of the questions about her divorce from this singer.  Who was it? (Blake Shelton)

5. Wynona Judd’s daughter has been sentenced to 8 years in jail.  Wynona’s half-sister is a famous actress.  Who is she? (Ashley Judd)