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Who Knows More About Sam Hunt, Garth Brooks and More!

July 20, 2018

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Today's Questions:

1. Sam Hunt says that his next dream travel destination is Greece.  But before he does any more traveling…he’ll first have to stop at Wrigley for a concert this summer.  Who is he performing with? (Luke Bryan)

2. This singer announced that his new album “Desperate Man” will be out in October.  Who is he? (Eric Church)

3. Brittney Kerr says that she and her hubby are digging their roots a little bit deeper by building their dream home in Tennessee.  Who is she married to? (Jason Aldean)

4. Even though his first name is Troyal…..you probably know this singer by his middle name.  Who is he? (Garth Brooks)

5. This singer is one of the few country artists whose professional career spans across three genres of music – Rock, R&B, and Country.  Who is he?  (Darius Rucker)