Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Did You Study Enough To Pass The Test?

July 26, 2018

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Emily from Oak Lawn says that she'll use the $950 bucks in the rolling jackpot to pay off a loan if she wins.

Not the sexiest thing to do with the cash, but totally practical. 

You can use the cash in Roman's College of Country Knowledge any way you want in you win, but first you need to email to play!

Today's Questions:

1. This singer is featuring his daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James, in the music video for his song “Life Changes." Who is he? (Thomas Rhett)

2. Bruce Springsteen sent this singer a letter telling him how much he loved the song that this artist did that was named after him.  Who did the song Springsteen? (Eric Church)

3. This singer just celebrated the 25th anniversary of singing his first major label record deal.  He’s still going strong a quarter of a century later, because his new album “Song for the Saints” came out last month.  Who is he? (Kenny Chesney)

4. This city is overflowing with celebrity owned country bars, with the latest being Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge Kitchen and Drink. What city are we talking about? (Nashville)

5. Taylor Swift has won 10 Grammy Awards, including twice for Album of the Year….making her first woman to do so. Which of Taylor’s album titles has something to do with her birthday? (1989)