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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

How Did This Newbie To Country Music Do?

July 30, 2018

Jo from Willowbrook is new to country music, but thinks she has what it takes to enroll in Roman's College of Country Knowledge!

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Today's Questions:

1. Jason Aldean owns a hunting gear company called Buck Commander with Luke Bryan, Willie Robertson and several MLB players. What TV show is Wille Robertson famous for being a part of? (Duck Dynasty)

2. This singer is planning to release another Christmas album, which he says will be an even bigger and better version of his “Glow” album that he released in October of 2016.  Who is he? (Brett Eldredge)

3. Roughly three-quarters of Garth Brook’s recorded songs have been duets with his current wife. In fact, he’s refused to sing love song duets with anyone but her.  Who is Garth married to? (Trisha Yearwood)

4. Kenny Chesney injured himself during a recent concert in Kansas City, but toughed his way through it and finished the show.  What is the name of Kenny’s current tour? (Trip Around The Sun Tour)

5. Luke Bryan has his wife's name tattooed on his butt, and has her initials tattooed under his wedding ring. What is Luke’s wife’s name? (Caroline)