Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Roman LOST This Morning!

August 1, 2018
FGL Bebe

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The unthinkable happened in Roman's College of Country Knowledge today.


That means Erin from Rolling Meadows picked up the $1150 in the rolling jackpot!

Would you know the questions he got wrong? 

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Today's Questions:

1. Carly Pearce recently did a cover of the song 9 to 5, which was released in 1980, ten years before Pearce was even born.  Who did that song originally? (Dolly Parton)

2. Lindsey Ell says she understands why stars have private jets after seeing how cool Brad Paisley’s was.  What insurance company has Paisley done commercials for? (Nationwide)

3. Kip Moore is hitting the road later this year with his After the Sunburn Tour. Unfortunately, there’s no Chicago area date announced yet.  He’s also taking this bearded “Singles You Up” singer with as an opening act. Who is it? (Jordan Davis)

4. Even though it sounds like a weather forecast, this singer’s real first and middle name is actually Colden Rainey.  Who is he? (Cole Swindell)

5. The song “Meant To Be” by FGL and Bebe Rexha was just nominated for Best Collaboration at this upcoming awards show.  What awards show is it? (MTV Video Music Awards)