Stylz & Roman's 10,000 For The Troops

Help Us Send Letters To US Troops Here & Abroad This Holiday Season!

October 31, 2018
Stylz & Roman's 10,000 For The Troops


So what is 10,000 for the Troops?

It's pretty simple.

You write letters for the troops that will be shipped to the men and women here in the US as well as the ones serving overseas this holiday season!

It's a "thank you" of sorts to those who are giving up so much so we can be free!

In years past, Stylz and Roman have collected nearly 50,000 letters for our service men and women......and this year they want to bust that record!

Like one veteran of the war in Afghanistan told Stylz and Roman last year, "What seems like a little thing means everything to us."

Stylz and Roman are accepting letters from now until November 30, 2018

Send any and all packages to:    Stylz and Roman's 10,000 For The Troops

                                                     c/o US99/WUSN-FM

                                                     180 North Stetson Suite 1000

                                                     Chicago, IL 60601

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