Tom Jordan From Seaforth Reveals His First Celebrity Crush

June 21, 2019

KEEP YOUR EYES (AND EARS) ON THESE TWO!! From Australia, Seaforth is a duo already captivating us with their single, "Love That." We'll put it this way, if you enjoy Dan + Shay's music, you're going to LOVE Seaforth!! They are one band...two songwriters.

Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson have a friendship spanning over 20 years, as they grew up together in Seaforth, Australia - a suburb of Sydney. Years later their paths would cross again as they both found themselves in Nashville, having traveled to Tennessee for a songwriting trip. There they decided to team up and form what is now, Seaforth!  

"We both complement each other in this band," Mitch said. "We have the kind of partnership where we both have our own personas, and we meet in the middle. The ship wouldn't sail without both of us."

In being from Australia, the duo lovingly refer to Keith Urban as 'Uncle Keith' and are thrilled to be at LakeShake with him!! 

You can listen to Seaforth's EP here.