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Disney Fans, Are You Ready For Dole Whip Margaritas?

When we took the kids to Disney for the first time last month, lots of friends told us about the #DoleWhip ... a frozen pineapple drink that you can only find at Disney Parks. At Epcot, they serve it with RUM! Now, just in time for #CincoDeMayo, it's the Dole Whip Lime Margarita? YUP! Officially,... Read More
Faith and Tim

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Is it the start of a losing streak or will Roman get back on the winning track. If Linda from Bourbonnais has her way, it'll be the start of a losing streak. With Roman's loss yesterday, the rolling jackpot in Roman's College of Country Knowledge has reset at $100. [email protected] is the place to... Read More
Justin and Tristan Spring

What If You Could Figure Out This Translating Tristan!

What is the one thing most people say after hearing Roman's four year old son Tristan sing? Well, it's actually "What?" Today Tristan was singing both parts of this song which is a collaboration between two popular country singers! Here's a hint: What If you can figure out what song he's singing. I... Read More
Brett Young x Dylan Scott

Who Had the Better Gender Reveal, Brett Young or Dylan Scott?

Both Brett Young and Dylan Scott have a baby on the way, but rather than find out the old-fashioned way, both packed their future into an exploding object and popped their way to an answer. People just telling you things is so yesterday, and the gender reveal can an important part of any pregnancy... Read More
DIerks SNR

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Roman was on a roll this morning until a question about Dierks Bentley tripped him up and cost him $2,600! That means Dominic from Riverside graduated from Roman's College of Country Knowledge and scored that record breaking jackpot! If you think you would have gotten right what Roman got wrong,... Read More