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Hobby Lobby

The 'Hobby Lobby Challenge' Is Going Viral

The hashtag #HobbyLobbyChallenge is spreading and here's how it's done. People are uploading photos in front of floral backgrounds and then uploading a reality photo of them standing in front of the fake flowers at Hobby Lobby. This is probably super annoying to Hobby Lobby employees, but it's...
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Lamborghini race

Florida Highway Patrol Caught Racing Lamborghini [VIDEO]

A Florida Highway Patrolman was caught attempting to race a Lamborghini Aventador on a public highway. “Attempting” is the key word because the police cruiser got smoked. Video of Viral video shows Florida Highway Patrol trooper racing Lamborghini
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There Is Now A Wine ATM In Las Vegas

It's a wine lovers paradise. Because "wine" not? Enjoy half-priced appetizers during happy hour from 7-8 pm at #HostileGrape (-- Yelp: @Amelinda L.) A post shared by M Resort (@mresortspacasino) on The Hostile Grape at the M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas is the home of a Wine ATM that contains 160...
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UFOs in the sky

Local News in Milwaukee Caught Some Weird UFO Activity on Camera

A Fox affiliate in Milwaukee was showing a live shot of downtown on Tuesday. And they happened to get footage of some weird lights darting around the night sky. No one seems to know what they were, but there were dozens of them. Various theories include aliens, birds, fireworks, or just a weird...
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