Did You Get Caught Throwing A Party Growing Up?

Ever throw a party when your parents were out of town and you got totally busted? It's happened to Stylz. It's happened to Roman. .....and it happened to all of these US99 listeners as well! Did you forget to clean something up? Did the police show up? All these things happened....and more!
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New Erin Bachelor Pic

Stylz & Roman's Bachelor Update With Erin From US99 Promotions!

Last night was the "Fantasy Suites" edition of The Bachelor. Now, Stylz and Roman don't watch, but Erin from US99 Promotions does and had all the crazy details from last night's episode. What happened on the overnight dates? What secrets were revealed? Whose dad showed up in Portgual to talk to his...
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Ax Throwing

What Is The Crazy Thing You've Done With Your Friends?

So what crazy thing does Russell Dickerson do while he's drinking with his buddies? Believe it or not, he told Stylz and Roman that it's actually ax throwing! Who does that? Apparently, it's a thing because several people called in to tell the guys the place around Chicago where you can do it! One...
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Guitar Close Up

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! That's what Emilee from New Lenox planned on doing with the $900 in the rolling jackpot! She needed to beat Roman first and almost did! Today's battle ended up in a tie.....and all ties go to Roman! Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. Jake Owen will...
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TRo The DJ

This Translating Tristan Is All Yours!

Usually it's a listener that plays Translating Tristan, but today, Stylz and Roman had a special guest! It was none other than Russell Dickerson, who just did a sold out show at Joe's on Weed over the weekend! Roman's four year old son sang a Russell Dickerson song in honor of that. Was Russell...
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Kindergarten Child

When Did You Realize That Your Little Baby Wasn't A Baby Anymore?

Roman registered his four year old son for kindergarten yesterday and it made him realize that his little boy isn't such a little boy anymore! There is always that moment when parents realize that their kids aren't kids anymore! Maybe it was enrolling in kindergarten, maybe it when their kids had...
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Angry Smartphone

Move Aside Tristan, It's Translating Siri!

Usually we don't have to read between the lines when it comes to Sassy Siri. Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude told the guys she's a big fan of their Translating Tristan segment, but wanted them to give her a chance to see if they could Translate Siri. It shouldn't come as a surprise to...
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SNR Carly

VIDEO: Michael Ray and Carly Pearce Play Stylz & Roman's Newlywed Game

Video of Newlywed Game with Michael Ray & Carly Pearce So what don't you know about your significant other? Stylz and Roman let their listeners admit what they don't know about their partner, but probably should!
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Rebecca from Hammond wants some money for Spring Break, so she's hoping to win the $850 in the rolling jackpot. But class is still in session in Roman's College of Country Knowledge and she needs to graduate first to get it! Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. They'll celebrate...
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Wedding Fight

What Went Wrong While Planning Your Wedding?

Stylz and Roman talked to both Michael Ray and Carly Pearce this past week to see how their wedding planning is going. They both claim that everything is going great, but we all know that is not always the case. Things always seem to go wrong, either before, during and after....and Stylz and Roman...
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