Wedding Fight

What Went Wrong While Planning Your Wedding?

Stylz and Roman talked to both Michael Ray and Carly Pearce this past week to see how their wedding planning is going. They both claim that everything is going great, but we all know that is not always the case. Things always seem to go wrong, either before, during and after....and Stylz and Roman...
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Sad face Emoji

How Well Do Stylz and Roman Know Sassy Siri?

When Sassy Siri heard that Stylz and Roman were going to do their own version of the Newlywed Game with Michael Ray and Carly Pearce, so wanted to get in on the action. Their iPhone with an attitude decided to ask the guys some really personal questions about herself to see how well they know her...
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21st Birthday

How Did You Celebrate Your 21st Birthday?

Last night at the Michael Ray concert, Stylz and Roman ran into a group of girls who were celebrating their friend's 21st birthday. The birthday girl's mom actually bought her a suite at the show! Stylz and Roman played back the audio of that and then also calls from listeners about what they did...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

What better way is there to head into the weekend than with a little extra cash in your pocket? Angela from Lockport TIED Roman, but all ties go to Roman, so she left the game without any of the $800 that is currently sitting in the rolling jackpot! Study all weekend long and then email Mornings@...
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TV Set

What Classic TV Show Would You Like Brought Back?

It looks like the TV series "90210" is returning to TV and looks like a good portion of the original cast is coming back too! TV shows seem to be getting rebooted all the time, but is there any show that you wish would be brought back that hasn't been yet? Three's Company? Married With Children?...
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:15 Seconds

Stylz & Roman Are Really Flying With This :15 Second Frenzy

When you're a celeb, you're on and off airplanes all the time. Did that give Maddie and Tae the advantage over listener Julie in Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy? The topic was how many different airlines could they mention in :15 seconds. Listener Julie also travels a lot, so she knew her fair...
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You're Fired

Why Were You Fired From Your Job?

The Chicago Bears officially announced yesterday that were going a different direction with the kicker position and Cody Parkey was out of a job. Everyone gets fired at some point in their life and sometimes it's for some pretty goofy reasons. Fights, theft and even foot surgery were some of the...
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Diploma and Money

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Did Kelly from Merrillville's excitment match her knowdge of country music? She enrolled in Roman's College of Country Knowledge with hopes of winning the $750 in the rolling jackpot! Stylz and Roman play every morning at 7:40 AM. You can test yourself by emailing . Today's...
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Bad Breath

How Do You Tell A Co-Worker That They Have Really Bad Breath?

Do you have someone you work with or know that has really bad breath? Stylz and Roman do! They're not really sure how to address it with this friend of theirs, so they turned to the US99 audience for some advice. They got everything from "offer him a breath mint" to just telling them, "Hey! You got...
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Chicago Flag

Sassy Siri Wanted To Run For Chicago Mayor!

The mantra in Chicago is always "Vote....and vote often." Sassy Siri tore in to Stylz and Roman this morning because she says that they didn't vote for her in the most recent election. So what was she running for? She claims that she was in the running to become Chicago Mayor, but since the guys...
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