What Is The Craziest Thing You've Ever Seen On A Flight?

People can do some really crazy things on flights! Stylz and Roman cam across a story about a guy who took a flight from London to Los Angeles in his boxers! Yes, he took off his pants after he boarded the flight! Sounds unbelievable, but Stylz and Roman talked to listeners who had worse things...
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Cowboy Hat

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Chris from Hoffman Estates told Stylz and Roman that he would destroy him in Roman's College of Country Knowledge. Did Chris back up his words or did he fall to Roman like so many before him? Got what it takes? Email ! Today's Questions: 1. Actor Liam Hemsworth was not at the...
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Maddie and Tae With SNR

Maddie and Tae Weigh In On Whether Men and Women Can Be "Just Friends"

The Maddie and Tae song "Friends Don't" is all about whether or not men and women can be friends without becoming romantically involved. Since the duo was in town last night at Joe's Live in Rosemont last night, so Stylz and Roman decided to ask them to expand on that! Both told the guys that they...
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Broken Heart

Stylz and Romance: He's Too Honest

Barry felt like he add instant chemistry with Lena on their first date and was comfortable enough to open up about his past to her. But, she hasn't called back since that first date and he really has no idea why. Stylz and Roman decided to give her a call to find out why and sometimes it because...
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New Erin Bachelor Pic

Stylz & Roman's Bachelor Update For 2-26-19

It's getting down to the nitty gritty on The Bachelor. It was the hometown's epsiode of the show, where Colton asked ALL the fathers for their daughters' hand in marriage. Which dads were less than cool with the idea? What was the big rose ceremony shocker? Who is staying? Who is going? Erin from...
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More Than Friends?

Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?

After watching Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga perform on The Oscars, you have to wonder if they've got a thing going on..... But they are both great actors, so it might just be nothing and they are just friends. This whole thing sparked a pretty interesting conversation, which is whether or not men...
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Thumbs Up Graduate

Roman's College of Country Knowledge is the email to enroll is Roman's College of Country Knowledge. That's how Heidi ended up as a contestant on Roman's College of Country Knowledge. But mybe she should have studied a little bit more before taking this test.... Today's Questions: 1. Brooks and Dunn will be part of...
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JR and TRO

Will "Most People" Be Able To Figure Out This Translating Tristan?

We all know what Luke Bryan sounds like... But do you know what Luke Bryan sounds like when it is sung by a four year old? Roman's son Tristan's version of "Most People Are Good" sounds a little different! Take a listen to see just how different!
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Happy Dog

What Is The Goofiest Thing That Your Dog Does?

There's a story about a dog catching a frisbee that was thrown 83 yards down a football field. In fact, it's a world record. That's a really smart dog! Thing is, not every dog is as smart as this one though! They can actually be downright goofy.....and that's the stories that Stylz and Roman got!...
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Phone Laughing

Sassy Siri Has Knock Knock Jokes For Stylz & Roman!

So, Stylz and Roman thought that Sassy Siri was trying to be nice when she started telling them some jokes. The jokes were all knock knock jokes, which never offend anyone right? Well, Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude started out nice, but everything took a turn for a worse as the jokes...
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