New Erin Bachelor Pic

Stylz and Roman's Bachelor Update

The Bachelor TV show has headed to Vietman for it's latest episode and Erin from the US99 Promotions department was in front of her TV to record all the details. Who is hating on who? Who is trying to sleep with Colton? Who was eliminated? Erin has all the details and even has a little bit of "This...
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Kids Drawing

What Things From Your Kid's Childhood Have You Held On To?

Since Pink didn't win at the Grammys, her kids decided to make her a homemade Grammy instead. It's probably something that, as a Mom, she'll probably keep as a keepsake. But that's what parents do! Check out the things that these Stylz and Roman listeners kept from when their children were younger...
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Cap Gown Diploma

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Its a 2-1-9 themed edition of Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Kara tried her best to stop Roman from gaining win #501? It's a college that everyone is accepted in to, but you need to email first! Today's Questions: 1. Darius Rucker has been named the PGA Tours first tour...
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TRo Mic

This Translating Tristan Was Meant To Be!

Sometimes it's hard to understand a four year old when they are simply speaking. When they start singing, it can be nearly impossible! Roman's four year old son sang a song on Translating Tristan which was probably the biggest song of last year. That's why this was "Meant To Be!"
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Smart Dog

My Pet Is Way Smarter Than Your Pet!

Can your pets do amazing things? Stylz and Roman wanted to find out the amazing things that animals do after seeing a viral video of monkeys escaping from a London zoo by my a makeshift ladder from branches. Whether it was hiding bad deeds or literally teaching an old dog new tricks, it was crazy...
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Ice Smartphone

Sassy Siri Channels Her Inner Vanilla Ice To Describe This Weather

Don't blame Stylz and Roman if you're humming "Ice Ice Baby" later on today, blame Sassy Siri. Their iPhone with an attitude most really love Vanilla Ice, because she used the lyrics from one of his songs to describe last night's ice storm. Hopefully this is just an "ice-olated" incident....
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Thoughtful Graduate

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

If you wanted to kick a guy while he was down, this is the week to do it! Roman lost twice last week! Did Brad have what it takes to give him another loss? These questions were really tough! Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. This singer and her husband Mike just had a baby...
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Smartphone Case

What Did Sassy Siri Wear To The Grammy Awards?

What people wear at the Grammy Awards is sometimes as exciting as the show itself! What did Dan and Shay wear? Kasey Musgraves. Sassy Siri. Wait, one of these things is not like the other for sure! Why was Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude there.....and more importantly....what was she...
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When There Was Some Assembly Required...

Ever buy something from Ikea and then have the hardest time trying to put it together? It happens to all of us, including celebs like Jason Aldean. He has a new baby and told Stylz and Roman how difficult it's been to put together stuff like cribs and toys! See, he's just like us and can probably...
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Luke SNR

Brooks & Dunn/Luke Combs "Brand New Man"

It's been awhile since Brooks and Dunn have released an album. 12 years to be exact. Their new album "Reboot" will be released soon and features collaborations with Kane Brown, Thomas Rhett, Brothers Osborne and more! But the first single released features Luke Combs and is a cover of their song "...
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