JR Tristan Wagon

Translating Tristan Might Get You A Little Drunk!

He's not old enough to drink, but Roman's four year old son is old enough to sing....loudly! LOL! He did his own version of Mitchell Tenpenny's "Drunk Me" but was he good enough for a listener to figure out what it was? That's the fun of it though, seeing just who can actually TRANSLATE Tristan!
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What Did You Say or Do That Totally Embarrassed Yourself?

Ever say or do something stupid that you wish you could take it back right away? It happened to Stylz and Roman's co-worker Rich over the weekend. He thought he was saying hi to Javi Baez, but it was actually Wilson Contreras! Opps! But what happened to some of these Stylz and Roman listeners was...
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Sassy Siri Wants To Talk Some Football!

The teams for the Super Bowl are now set and Sassy Siri is here to troll Stylz and Roman a little about it. She makes fun of them because near team is the Chicago Bears. She talks about how Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. She makes fun of the guys for liking Chicago sports teams! So, it's business as...
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Snowball Fight

What Stupid Thing Did You Do In The Snow?

A HUGE snowstorm is expected this weekend. It's always fun to go out and play in the snow, but it what we do in that snow that isn't always all that safe. Sure, it was fun at the time, but looking back you realize just how studid (albeit fun) it really was! Stylz and Roman fessed up what they did...
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Country Sign

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Lisa from New Lenox has a thousand reason to compete in Roman's College of Country Knowledge today. That's because that's how much is currently sitting in the rolling jackpot....$1000! If that wasn't pressure enough, these questions were pretty hard as well! Think you can graduate? Email Mornings@...
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Drunk Face

What Crazy Thing Did You Do Under The Influence?

Ever do something really goofy while you were under the influence? Maybe you had one too many drinks... Took one too many sleeping pills.... Or maybe you were just a little too sleep deprived. No matter what the reason, we all do some pretty well as pretty funny things in these...
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Ian Happ

The Cubs Ian Happ With Stylz and Roman

Ever wonder what it's like to be Chicago Cubs second baseman and outfielder Ian Happ? Well, now you can find out what he's looking at while he's on the field at the Friendly Confines. He told Stylz and Roman about how he's hooked up with artist Patrick Vale to create some drawings that show you...
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Spoiler Alert

What Did Someone Ruin For You?

Ever have someone totally ruin something for you? Maybe a TV show? A birthday party? Something else? It's happened to everyone on the Stylz and Roman Morning Show at least once and was even worse for some of the callers to the show! They had to be MAD!
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Jackie wants to use the $950 in the rolling jackpot to go on a shopping spree. Considering that she lives in Michigan City, she could go shopping at the outlet mall there! How well do you think she did in Roman's College of Country Knowledge? Email if you want a shot at that $$$!...
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Warehouse Store

What is That One Item That You Always Bulk?

Ever shop at Costco or Sam's Club? Stylz came across a 27 pound container of mac and cheese (with a 20 year shelf life) that he's seriously considering buying! For Roman, it's a seven gallon jug of Nutella! Not that anyone can finish that much of anything! Everyone does it though! Check out what...
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