Phone Snow

Sassy Siri Needs Someone To Shovel Her Driveway!

There is supposed to be a HUGE snowstorm blowing through this weekend and Sassy Siri is trying to line up someone to help her shovel all that snow! Will Stylz and Roman bite and help her out? Probably not with the way that this iPhone with an attitude speaks to them! Check out the insults she...
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Stylz Needs Some Advice To Stop His Dog From Shedding!

Stylz has a German Shepard that he loves.....but there's only one problem. It sheds. A LOT! Doug's wife bought the dog a spandex outfit that is supposed to stop shedding, but it looks hilarious. Check out the advice that these Stylz and Roman listeners gave Stylz to help him with his dog hair...
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University Diploma

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Was it another day and another win for Roman? Melissa from Plano stepped in to Roman's College of Country Knowledge but did she step out a graduate? Playing is as simple as emailing ! Here's the questions Melissa faced with $900 dollars on the line! 1. Kane Brown posted a video of...
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Roman's Ski

I Can't Believe My Child Is Better Than Me At That!

Roman took his four year old son skiing over the weekend and Tristan picked it up wa quicker than his Dad did! Sometimes it can be a bit humbling to find out that your kid is way better than you at something! It happened to Roman, Stylz and even these US99 listeners...
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Find Out Why Sassy Siri Loves Wednesday!

Remember this Geico "Hump Day" commercial? Video of GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial Happier than a Camel on Wednesday Sassy Siri sure does! She decided to reenact the entire thing for Stylz and Roman this Wednesday morning. The guys were a little less than pleased...
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Mad Boss

I Really Ticked My Boss Off When I Did......WHAT?

Ever do something that really ticked your boss off? Seems that Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy is less than happy with kicker Cody Parkey's appearance on The Today Show last week. Guess he never told his coach that he was going to be on the show. Nagy says it seemed like a more "ME" thing instead of...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Melissa from Crown Point continued the streak of contestants having a rough time with the questions in Roman's College of Country Knowledge. She only score one out of five! Would you have done better? If you think so, email to play! Today's questions: 1. Michael Ray posted a video...
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Tristan Ski

This Translating Tristan Is S-I-M-P-L-E!

If you listen to US99, then this edition of Translating Tristan is pretty SIMPLE. Each week, Roman's four year old son Tristan belts out a song at the top of his lungs and it's up to a Stylz and Roman listener to try and figure out exactly what he's singing! (HINT: See if you can tell if it's F-G-L...
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Screen Time

Do You Limit Your Child's Screen Time?

How much time do your children spend in front of tablets, phone screens or videogames? The amount of screen time that kids spend each day is a real issue! It even came up in the Dougie Stylz household recently as well. You'll hear audio from his "screen time" family meeting as well as calls from...
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Sassy Siri Is Sad For The Entire Human Race!

Kylie Jenner used to have the most like picture on Instagram, but she's been an EGG! There's nothing special about this egg either! That's got Sassy Siri, Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude, really sad about the future of the human race. She wants to know why people don't...
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