Dan+Shay talk ACM Awards speech challenge with Stylz

If Dan + Shay win, they have to try to include THIS in their speech

If Dan and Shay pick up the award for Best Duo at the upcoming ACM Awards, they'll probably have a lot of people to thank. But will they thank a stick of butter? That's the challenge Stylz and Roman had for Dan and Shay backstage at their show over the weekend! What's the over/under for this...
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Dan+Shay with Stylz at Rosemont Theatre, March 2019

We've all done what Shay Mooney did when greeting Kacey Musgraves on the Red Carpet

To hug or not to hug? If you were watching the Red Carpet before the Grammy Awards, you probably saw the totally awkward interaction between Kasey Musgraves and Dan and Shay. If you missed it, Shay was all in for a hug from Kasey. Problem is, she wasn't and it ended up in a really awkward moment!...
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Dan + Shay at Rosemont Theatre with Stylz

Dan + Shay's Shay Mooney explained why we saw his underwear at the GRAMMYs

"Sometimes you just need to air the **** out!" Shay from Dan and Shay had a pretty embarassing wardrobe malfunction at the Grammys a couple months back, so you know Stylz and Roman had to ask him about it! So how did Shay end up on stage with his fly down? Was it the designer's fault? Did Dan...
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All Things College

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

When was the last time someone from Rosemont competed in Roman's College of Country Knowledge? In fact, when was the last time that someone actually beat Roman and graduated? Did Patrick from Rosemont roll in to the weekend with an extra $1800 from the rolling jackpot in his pocket? Take a listen...
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Stylz & Roman's :15 Second Frenzy: Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Yesterday was opening day for Major League Baseball. The Cubs were big winners, but sadly, the same couldn't be the same for the Chicago White Sox. In honor of Opening Day, Stylz and Roman had LOCASH play their :15 Second Frenzy, The question? Well, how many babseball teams could they name, of...
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Blake Shelton

Brand New Music: "God's Country" By Blake Shelton

How talented is Blake Shelton? From being one of the funniest judges on "The Voice" to one of the most talented performers out there... Here's his latest song "God's Country." Does he have another hit on his hands? Take a listen and let us know! Video of Blake Shelton - "God's...
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Luke Bryan

Brand New Music: "Knockin' Boots" By Luke Bryan

This song will be an earworm for you all weekend long! It's brand new music from Luke Bryan called "Knockin' Boots." (Not to be confused with the 1990's Candyman song though. LOL!) Video of Luke Bryan - Knockin' Boots (Audio)
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College Graduation

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Brent is from Northwet Indiana and planning on getting married soon. He's also planning on taking his soon to be wife on a honeymoon and the $1750 in the rolling jackpot would really help out with it. Is Brent taking his fiancee on a lavish honeymoon or will they be headed to the Indiana Dunes...
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Scary Movie

Classic Cinemas Going To The Show Review: "Us"

Ever see a movie that is so scary that you get goose bumps just thinking about it? That was the reaction Dougie Stylz had after seeing the movie "Us." It's filled with all kinds of OMG scary moments, so if you're a fan of horror movies, you'll love this one! What else does Dougie think about the...
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Wonder Park

Classic Cinemas Going To The Show Review: "Wonder Park"

The great thing about animated films in 2019 is that they aren't just for kids anymore! Yes, the kids are entertained, but so are Mom and Dad too! Justin Roman reviewed "Wonder Park" (you can hear his review in the audio below) and loved it. It's filled with all kinds of familiar voices and shows...
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