Wonder Park

Classic Cinemas Going To The Show Review: "Wonder Park"

The great thing about animated films in 2019 is that they aren't just for kids anymore! Yes, the kids are entertained, but so are Mom and Dad too! Justin Roman reviewed "Wonder Park" (you can hear his review in the audio below) and loved it. It's filled with all kinds of familiar voices and shows...
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Comic Books

Classic Cinemas Going To The Show Review: "Captain Marvel"

So who is the latest comic book super hero come to life? It's "Captain Marvel" and the film is shattering box office records. There is good reason for it to! Dougie Stylz saw the film with his movie and says it's two hours and four minutes of total non-stop action! That's not all he thought about...
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Classic Cinemas Going To The Show Movie Review: "Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse"

Justin Roman took his four year old son Tristan to see "Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse" but may be he should have waited a couple of years. While it was a really good movie, especially if you love all things Spider-Man, it was maybe a little too intense for a his little guy. But if you're a huge...
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How To Train Your Dragon

Classic Cinemas Going To The Show Review: "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World"

Isn't animation now-a-days amazing? Dougie Stylz took his family to see "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" and was taken aback by just how lifelike everything is. He, his wife Connie and stepson Nate have seen the previous two films in theater, so they made a family night out of it to see...
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Classic Cinemas Going To The Show Review: "The Lego Movie 2"

Justin Roman has a four year old son named Tristan, so "The Lego Movie 2" was a perfect choice to take him to see. Here's the thing, it's funny for kids, but there's also some humor that the adults will get too. Want to know what song that'll be stuck in your head after seeing it? Want to know why...
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Bohemian Rhapsody

Classic Cinemas Going To The Show: "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Everyone nows the songs of the classic rock band Queen, but do you know the stories behind those songs? What about the often crazy life on their late lead singer Freddy Mercury? "Bohemian Rhapsody" is all about this legendary group and helps give you a new understanding of a group responsible for...
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All Things Countryt

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

There's $1,700 dollars sitting in the rolling jackpot right now and Dougie Stylz joked that that's more money than is currently in his bank account. Does your bank account need an infusion of cash? Try playing Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Email Mornings@US99 to play! Today's Questions: 1...
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Rideshare App

Stylz and Romance: You'd Better Own A Car!

Mike lives Downtown and doesn't own a car. He either takes Uber, Lyft or some sort of public transporation to get around. That's not so unusual, but it was a total dealbreaker after her went out on a date with Hillary. She lives in Bartlett and thinks it's totally impractical to date a guy who...
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College Stuff

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

So if Dedra from Merrillville was able to beat Roman today, Dougie Stylz said that he'd personally deliver the $1650 to her. But after looking at the results in Roman's College of Country Knowledge today, it doesn't look like he'll need to gas up his Jeep and head over to the 219. Think you can top...
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Translating Tristan Pic March 2019

You'll Be A Better Man After Hearing This Translating Tristan!

What Thomas Rhett song did Roman's four year old son (or four and three quarter as he says) sing today on Translating Tristan? Here's a hint: It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, you'll be a "Better Man" after hearing this! While that seems obvious, it's a lot less obvious when you hear...
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