St Patty's Day Tristan

Man! This Translating Tristan Will Make You Feel Like A Woman!

I'm not sure that Shania Twain would recognize Roman's four year old son's rendition of her song "Man, I Feel Like A Woman!" More importantly, did listener Karen decipher what Tristan was singing! Roman son loves to sing, we're just not sure exactly what he's singing most of the time!
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Shocked Smartphone

What Is On Your Phone That You Don't Want Anyone To See!

Brad Paisley was performing on Texas over the weekend and grabbed a fan's cellphone to take a selfie with. He also swiped across some of the pictures in her camera roll and....well, lets just say he wished he hadn't! We all have stuff on our phones that are for our eyes only that we hope no one...
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Basketball Bracket

Sassy Siri Needs Help With Her March Madness Brackets!

Who knew that Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitiude knew basketball! Actually, scratch that, especially after you hear her talk about who she has in her March Madness brackets! She thinks Duke is Dookie and isn't sure what Gonzaga is, but she loves saying it! Safe to say that her brackets were...
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Green Beer

I Can't Believe I Saw _______________ On St. Patrick's Day!

This past weekend was St. Patrick's Day, so people were drinking early and drinking a lot. That means many people were pretty much done early in the day. Those that weren't were really sloppy! That can lead to some pretty funny.....but equally disgusting stories! Check out what Stylz saw on...
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Guitar Close Up

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, so did a green beer hangover hurt Krista from Lombard's chances in Roman's College of Country Knowledge? How many did she get right? How many did she get wrong? Drunk or sober, you can gain admission into this college by emailing ! Today's...
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Parent Teacher Conference

What Did You Find Out About Your Child At Parent/Teacher Conferences?

Roman had his first parent/teacher conference at his son's preschool the other day. While all the news was positive, he also knows that won't always be the case as Tristan gets older. For example, Stylz was always the class clown, so his parents were always hearing about it at these meetings. So...
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St Patrick's Day

Do You Know If It's Illinois or Ireland?

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, but does that mean they know about all things Ireland? Probably not, if the results of Stylz and Roman's Illinois or Ireland game are any indication! They gave listeners the name of a city and the person on the phone had to tell them if the city was in...
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A + On A Test

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Cara called from Morris, which is near Ottowa and that turned into a joke about her calling in from Canada. She wasn't, which is good because neither Stylz and Roman were sure how much the $1300 in the rolling jackpoy would be in Canadian currency. No matter what currency is your favorite, all you...
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Jameson Birthday

Stylz Wife Is Throwing A First Birthday Party For Their Dog!

Today is the first birthday of Stylz and his wife Connie's dog Jameson.....and they're throwing him a party! Is that unusual? Apparently not, because a whole bunch of people called in to the show to tell what they did for their pets. Birthday cakes! Party hats! Balloons!
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:15 Seconds

The St. Patrick's Day Edition of Stylz & Roman's :15 Second Frenzy

It's St. Patrick's Day weekend in Chicago! There will be parades! The Chicago River is being dyed green! Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy is going green as well! Justin Moore was today's celeb and he faced off with listener Christine to see who could name more green things in :15 Seconds. Who...
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