SEE: This Is The Greatest Doggie Day Care "Selfie" You've Ever Seen!

We all love our dogs, but did we ever truly know they were all *friends* too? A doggie day care in Loveland, Ohio has gone viral for posting what we think is the greatest dog selfie of all time. How did it happen? The owner said that they're all friends & he just happened to look up at the door...
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WATCH: Have You Even Seen Lava Consume A Car?!

You're used to seeing something like this in a movie, only it's REAL LIFE in Hawaii last week >>>>> Absolutely insane video out of Leilani Estates, HI. Watch a wall of lava engulf a car. pic.twitter.com/PIlpxpYZsT — WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) May 7, 2018
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LOOK: The Katy Perry / Taylor Swift Feud Is Over After 3 Years!

Taylor Swift & Katy Perry have been "feuding" for years, and honestly, I don't even remember why. Something silly, probably! Yesterday on Taylor's Instagram story (hours before her Reputation Tour kicked off in Arizona), she posted a quick pic of an real olive branch she received from Katy...
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LIST: Jason Aldean 9th Row Tuesday With Our Top 9 Aldean Hits!

The #CountdownToFrontRow rolls on with 9th Row Tuesday at 12n ... so I put together a list of my favorite 9 Jason Aldean songs on the train this morning. Do you agree? * Amarillo Sky (my all-time favorite) * Burning It Down * Fly Over States * Hicktown * Lights Come On * Gonna Know We Were Here *...
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SEE: Drunk, Shirtless Guy Gets Wrigley Field To Do The Wave!

There's always one guy in the bar who's been overserved, right? What happens if that "bar" is Wrigley Field? Much like the mantra "there's no crying in baseball," there's no *wave* at the Cubs game. Ever. Except for last night (until security stepped in to a stream of boooooos!) >>>>...
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Kelly Clarkson/Blake Shelton

Kelly Clarkson just handmade Blake Shelton a gift and now we want one

Kelly, just tell us what we have to do.
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift brought 2,000 foster & adoptive kids to her rehearsal!!

Completely free & she tried to take a photo with every kid!
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Derby Day Hats

15 Over-The-Top Derby Day Hats

Feathers on feathers on FEATHERS! Today is derby day! Wear a big hat! Bet on horses with cool names! Drink mint juleps! Correct people who spell it "julip!" pic.twitter.com/u5zt9QB6BG — Renna #RIP Alfie (@RennaW) May 5, 2018 So... many questions... It's Kentucky Derby Day! Got your hat ready??? If...
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Cyndi Lauper

Our Favorite Celebrity Derby Hats of All-Time

We think Cyndi Lauper wins for biggest hat.
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Happy Birthday: Daydreaming About Our Favorite Randy Travis Moments!

It's Randy's birthday today, so we started thinking about our favorite Randy Travis moments: * "Three Wooden Crosses" going all the way to #1 in 2002! * Remember his duet re-make of "I Told You So" with Carrie Underwood in 2009 * His road-to-recovery *surprise* performance of "Amazing Grace" at his...
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