Keith Urban at LakeShake by Allison Cipra Photography

All the Aussie's at US*99 Country LakeShake

Saturday was Aussie day at US*99 Country LakeShake!!!
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Hardy at Lakeshake

Artist Interview: Hardy at Lakeshake

Hardy's career started as many country careers start -- behind the scenes writing some of the biggest country tunes such as Florida Georgia Line's "Simple" and Morgan Wallen's "Up Down." After finding success as a songwriter, Hardy decided to embrace the spotlight and released his debut album, This...
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Brett Young at Lakeshake

Artist Interview: Brett Young at Lakeshake

Nobody does a ballad like Brett Young!! Which is fitting seeing as the past year of his life has been filled with nothing but love!! From getting married, to travelling the world with his wife to having BABY YOUNG due this fall, Brett Young has a lot of exciting things happening. Not least of which...
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Morgan Evans at LakeShake

Artist Interview: Morgan Evans at LakeShake

That's right, Saturday is for the Australians!!! Morgan Evans has already gained a lot of success in America in a very short period of time, with two amazing singles, "Kiss Somebody," and "Day Drunk." The latter being his current single, we just have a feeling it's going to be an anthem of sorts...
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Matt Stell at LakeShake

Artist Interview: Matt Stell at LakeShake

One of the best things about US*99 Country LakeShake is the ability to interact with new artists destined for AMAZING things, up close and personal. Matt Stell is one of those artists, taking the Next From Nashville Stage Saturday at LakeShake. Matt Stell's voice probably sounds familiar to you,...
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Ryan Hurd at Lakeshake

Artist Interview: Ryan Hurd at Lakeshake

Ryan Hurd has personified summer in his brand new single, "Her Name Was Summer." The single capitalizes on country music nostalgia and forces a lover to confront the memories of what used to be. Video of Ryan Hurd - Her Name Was Summer (Audio) Hurd, who grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and moved to...
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Mitchell Tenpenny at Lakeshake

Artist Interview: Mitchell Tenpenny at Lakeshake

Mitchell Tenpenny is the man responsible for all your drinking songs. He's found success with both his debut single "Drunk Me" and his latest, "Alcohol You Later." His first album, Black Crow in 2015, didn't pick up much steam until "Alcohol You Later" followed by "B**ches." Video of Mitchell...
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Miranda Lambert at Lakeshake

Artist Interview: Miranda Lambert at Lakeshake

After the release of her sixth studio album, The Weight Of These Wings , in 2016, and her Highway Vagabond Tour in 2017, Miranda Lambert, along with Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, decided to get the band back together. The Pistol Annies released their third studio album, Interstate Gospel ,...
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Maren Morris Lakeshake 2019

Artist Interview: Maren Morris at Lakeshake

Both 2017 and 2018 were major years for Maren Morris between her engagement to Ryan Hurd and their wedding and her Hero Tour – and 2019 has been no different. In January, Maren Morris released her new single “Girl” and announced her upcoming album of the same name, that was released in March and...
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