Dog Leash

I Can't Believe That My Dog Chewed Through....WHAT?

Stylz has a dog named Jameson that is still very much a puppy. Want proof? Yesterday she chewed through her leash and started digging a whole in the backyard! But that's what dogs do right? Check out what the dogs of these Stylz and Roman listeners ate! It was everything from shoes to a door frame...
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Kissy Face

Is Sassy Siri Hitting On Dougie Stylz?

What started as a conversation about the weather to the Siri app on Stylz and Roman's iPhone turned really, really weird! But would you expect anything less from Sassy Siri? Stylz and Roman found an iPhone at Woodfield Mall, decided to keep it and found out that Siri on the phone was a lot...
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Adult Child

Is It OK For Adult Children To Still Be Living With Their Parents?

It used to be that children would grow up and eventually move out of their parents home. But, according to a new study, that's not always the case. Adult children are increasingly staying at home, to the cost of nearly $500 billion to their parents nationwide! Why are they staying at home? Stylz...
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Taking A Test

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Jeni from Prospect Heights wants to see a whole bunch of concerts coming up, but doesn't have the cash! That's where the rolling jackpot in Roman's College of Country Knowledge comes in! Did she study enough to graduate and grab that cash? Want to play? Email [email protected] ! Today's Questions:...
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TRo Mic

This Translating Tristan Is Worth The Whiskey!

Roman's four year old son Tristan loves to sing! It's just WHAT he's trying to sing that is a little hard to figure out! Just what Stars and Strings artist and song is little Tristan singing in today's Translating Tristan? HINT: It's all about the a certain type of alcohol....
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What's The Goofy Thing That You Obsess Over?

Morgan Evans mentioned to Stylz and Roman over the weekend that he's been totally obsessing over how good (or bad) the sales of his new album have been. He even joked that the time he spent doing an interview with them was the longest he's gone without checking since the album was released! We all...
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iPhone Pocket

Does Sassy Siri Think That Stylz & Roman Work Out?

A couple of weeks back Stylz and Roman found an iPhone at Woodfield Mall and decided to keep it. Maybe they shouldn't have, because when they fired up the Siri app on the phone, all it did was give them is a whole bunch of sass! They've nicknamed her Sassy Siri and this morning she was making fun...
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York Peppermint Patty vs Snickers

Sugar Showdown: York Peppermint Patty vs Snickers

We're searching for the best Halloween candy of them all!
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Reeses vs Baby Ruth

Sugar Showdown: Reeses vs Baby Ruth

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Whose Name Is Tattooed On Your Body?

Kane Brown got married over the weekend and tattooed his new wife's name on his hand right after the ceremony. Pete Davidson of SNL fame just broke up with his fiancee, pop singer Ariana Grande, and he has her name tattooed on several places on his body! Sometimes, what you think will last forever...
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