A Beer Brewed Using Lucky Charms is Finally Here

Remember Saturday morning's when you could wake up late, binge-watch cartoons and eat cereal in bed? Well, one beer company wants to honor those amazing childhood memories with a beer that's brewed with Lucky Charms marshmallows. Smartmouth Brewing is releasing its magical and nostalgia-inducing...
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Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean Has Gone Country!

AJ McLean is hitting pause on pop music for a bit to make his mark on the country music world. The Backstreet Boy released his first official country radio single today and personally, we can't believe he hasn't put out a country song yet! His voice is SO PERFECT. According to his Instagram, "Boy...
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ChrisLane LaurenBushnell

Chris Lane and 'Bachelor' Alum Taking the Next Big Step Together

Chris Lane and the 'Bachelor's' Lauren Bushnell are going strong. In fact, the two are taking the next step in their relationship by moving in together. The "I Don't Know About You" singer revealed that Bushnell is moving to downtown Nashville to live with him! "She is moving to Nashville. That's...
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Sip on These National Margarita Day Deals

What time does the bar open around here? Today isn't just a regular Friday, it's National Margarita Day Friday. Do you know what's better than celebrating the end of the week with a few delicious margs? When you get a deal on those margs! We've rounded up the best National Margarita Day deals in...
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Will You Marry Me

This Lake Villa Man's Proposal In Maggie Daley Park Was Amazing!

Did you hear the story of Peggy and Bob? Peggy works on the 37th floor of a highrise across from Maggie Daley Park. Earlier this week, her boyfriend wrote out in snow "Will You Marry Me" big enough in the snow so she could see it! These letters were 45 feet tall and the whole thing was 36 feet wide...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Tiffany from Bensenville studied and studied and studied, but still wasn't able to beat Roman. In fact, only 39 people have been able to do so in over two plus years! Want to be #40? Email [email protected] to enroll! Today's Questions: 1. This classic country singer and marijuana advocate is...
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Little League

Are You "That Parent" At Your Kid's Sporting Events?

Ever see those parents going crazy at their child's sporting events.....and they're totally embarrassing themselves? Roman admitted on the show today that he was "that parent" at his four year old son's soccer game earlier this week. Sometimes parents, or even aunts, uncles or grand parents can't...
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Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy: Morgan Evans Knows His Flowers!

Did Morgan Evans get wife Kelse Ballerini flowers last week for Valentine's Day? Morgan was on the show playing the :15 Second Frenzy naming as many flowers as he could in :15 seconds! After naming flowers off, Stylz and Roman asked his wife Kelsea Ballerini if Morgan gets her flowers. That's when...
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The Trailer For the 'Twilight Zone' Reboot Is Here & It's Beyond Eerie

Jordan Peele has created a brand new TV and film genre: thought-provoking thrillers and horrors. And you know what fits into that genre? The Twilight Zone. If we were to choose anyone to be behind the eerie reboot of the Twilight Zone, it would always be Peele. That being said, a new trailer for...
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Thomas Rhett Bringing Country to SNL

Country acts rarely make an appearance on the SNL stage which makes Thomas Rhett's upcoming appearance that much more special. Rhett is making his SNL debut on March 2. Okay, March, we see you ---- (--: @nbcsnl ) pic.twitter.com/YANvXKrYkh — UPROXX (@UPROXX) February 20, 2019 According to the...
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