Chemotherapy Bell, School Pep Rally, Beat Cancer

Mundelein School Holds Pep Rally for Student That Completed Chemotherapy! #GoodVibes

Lucas Blanco, a first-grader from Mundelein, has rung the bell at Lurie Children's Hospital indicating that he officially has finished his last chemotherapy treatment!!!
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Florida Georgia Line, Country Music, Duo, FGL, Carrie Underwood, Collaborate

Florida Georgia Line Made PSA to Ask Their Favorite Country Singer to Collaborate

Florida Georgia Line posted a PSA (public song announcement) video on Instagram asking one of their favorite artists to record a new song with them because they admitted they do not have her number or email.
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Chick-Fil-A, College Students, Plan Ticket, Chicken Nuggets

College Students Buy Plane Ticket Only To Get Chick-Fil-A

Sometimes you have a craving for certain food and you will do anything to get it. These college students went to the extreme of actually buying a plane ticket, but not using it, only to get Chick-Fil-A
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Maren Morris, New Single, Country Music,

Maren Morris Announces Next Radio Single 'To Hell and Back'

Maren Morris just announced her follow up single to 'The Bones’ which made history when it spent 2 weeks at #1, which another female artist had not accomplished since Carrie Underwood in 2012.
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Cereal, General Mills, Breakfast, Healthy

General Mills Launched New Cereal for $13 a Box!

General Mills launched a ready-to-eat breakfast meal complete with real maple berries, dried cherries, and almonds, but it will cost significantly more than other cereals.
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Uber, Jason Pullman, Good Vibes, Thanks

Jason Received Text From Unknown Number Thanking Him #GoodVibes

Over the weekend Jason received a text from an unknown number thanking him for his kind words of encouragement and it ended up being from an Uber driver he had a few months ago.
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Jameson Rodgers, Blue Country Night Out, Country Music, Co Writer

Blue Country Night Out Artist Wrote New Luke Bryan Song

You might be hearing Luke Bryan's new song 'Born Here, Live Here, Die Here' at our Blue Country Night Out concert on Thursday (2/27) because one of the performers is a co-writer on the track.
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McDonald's, Fast Food, Scented Candle,

Now Your Whole House Can Smell Like McDonald's All the Time with Their New Candle!

Now your house can smell like McDonald's all the time! The fast-food chain just announced the launch of their new 6 piece scented candle pack that when burned together will smell like a Quarter Pounder.
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Brad Williams, Comedian, GoFundMe, Disneyland

Comedian Brad Williams Sends 9 Year Old That Was Bullied To Disneyland #GoodVibes

A viral video of a 9-year-old crying to his mom after getting bullied due to his dwarfism went viral and caught the attention of comedian Brad Williams who set up a GoFundMe for the boy to send him to Disneyland.
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Jimmie Allen, Country Music, Duet, Noah Cyrus

Jimmie Allen and Noah Cyrus Drop New Duet Together

Jimmie Allen and pop artist Noah Cyrus, yes Miley's little sister, dropped a new duet at midnight!
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