Community, Woman, Protestors, Riots, Destruction, Help, Good Vibes

Community Rallies Around Disabled Woman After Riots Caused Destruction

Stephanie Wilford was interviewed by a news station regarding the destruction in her neighborhood after rioters destroyed and looted some businesses in Minneapolis and then that same community rallied together to help her.
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Looter, Apology, Stolen Item, Small Business, California

Looter Goes Back to Business Next Day to Apologize and Return Stolen Items

Dan Buxton watched in shock as a peaceful protest turned into destructive chaos as people began smashing windows and stealing merchandise from his Play it Again sports equipment store.
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Groceries, Social Media, Local, Chicago, Neighbors, Help, Food

One Social Media Post Started a Community Wide Effort to Feed Families in Need

What started as a single social media post asking if any neighbors needed help buying groceries, grew into an entire community-wide effort to help families in need.
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Jet Ski, Graduation, Florida, Key West, Seniors, Class of 2020

Florida High School Holds Graduation Ceremony on Jet Skis

Somerset Island Prep, a charter school in Key West held their graduation out at sea, and seniors received their diplomas by way of jet skis in order to maintain a safe distance.
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Moms, Pregnant, Non Profit, Frontline Workers, Food, Donate

3 Expectant Moms Create Non Profit to Feed Frontline Workers

Three expectant mothers who all have toddlers and full-time jobs started a nonprofit during the pandemic to help feed frontline workers by pairing up with local small businesses.
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High School, Graduation, Diploma, Principal, Travel

Principal Drives 1,500 Miles to Hand Deliver Diploma to Each Graduating Senior

A Texas high school principal traveled 1,500 miles over a 10-day period to congratulate each of his 240 seniors personally at their homes and hand-deliver their diplomas as their official ceremony was canceled due to coronavirus.
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Keystone Light, Beer, Rent, July, Good Vibes

Keystone Light Wants to Pay Your Rent for the Month of July

Keystone Light has announced it is bringing back its “Free Rent Program” for the second year to help cover the cost of monthly rent for 25 lucky winners.
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Veteran, Munster, COVID-19, Hospital, Recovery

Munster Veteran Released From Hospital After 55 Day Battle with COVID-19

After 55 days in the hospital, a 73-year-old veteran from Hammond, IN was ushered out by hospital employees and family cheering and waving American flags.
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Face Mask, Children, Chicago, Binky, Kids

Chicago Man Makes Face Masks Specifically for Children

Once Andrew Smith lost his job due to the coronavirus he decided to create a company that made face masks specifically for children because he saw a void in the marketplace.
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Couple, Tik Tok, Surprise, Love, Marriage

WATCH: Couple Married for 60 Years Reunited After Hospitalization

Alice and Jerry Krenke have been married for over 60 years and have never been separated for more than a week until she had to go into the hospital and COVID-19 rules kept him from seeing her.
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