Lady A Sings

Lady A Messed Up The National Anthem Over The Weekend!

Video of Lady Antebellum sing Star Spangled Banner ahead of Game 5 Lady Antebellum didn't have the greatest weekend... They sang the National Anthem before this past weekend's Nashville Predators game but Charles Kelley forgot a couple of the words! You have to feel for them, because we all had one...
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Front Row

Here's What Happened At Stylz and Roman's Friday Jason Aldean Giveaway!

Stylz and Roman had a hundred pairs of tickets to give away to Jason Aldean this Friday. Several hundred people showed up at Pinstripes in South Elgin, but one couple was there at 5 AM and was first in line. Their names were Matt and Stephanie and their long wait in line was rewarded with FRONT ROW...
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Brad and Wife

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Cayleigh From St. Charles says she could really use the $800 in the rolling jackpot to pay off some bills! Did a question about where Keith Urban was born trip her up? You can head in to class at Roman's College of Country Knowledge by emailing Mornings@US99.com ! Today's Questions: 1. A whole...
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Derby Day Hats

15 Over-The-Top Derby Day Hats

Feathers on feathers on FEATHERS! Today is derby day! Wear a big hat! Bet on horses with cool names! Drink mint juleps! Correct people who spell it "julip!" pic.twitter.com/u5zt9QB6BG — Renna #RIP Alfie (@RennaW) May 5, 2018 So... many questions... It's Kentucky Derby Day! Got your hat ready??? If...
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Cyndi Lauper

Our Favorite Celebrity Derby Hats of All-Time

We think Cyndi Lauper wins for biggest hat.
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Kentucky Derby Hats

9 Bank Account Crushing Kentucky Derby Hats

Welcome to the lifestyle of the rich and famous, am I right? If you’re heading to the Kentucky Derby this weekend, be on the look out for some of the most expensive, over the top hats. Even if you aren’t heading to Churchill Downs for one of the most anticipated events of the year, make sure to...
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Both the Kentucky Derby and Cicno De Mayo happen this weekend. You can celebrate eith one...or you can combine both like Stylz and Roman do! They gave listeners three names, all of which were spanish sounding, to see if the could figure out which one was a Kentucky Derby horse or a spanish word!