JT and CS

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

What was the name of the song that Justin Timberlake did with Chris Stapleton? That was one of the questions that Angela from Frankfort got wrong in today's Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Think you can do better than Angela's 1 out of 5? Email Mornings@US99.com ! Today's Questions: 1...
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Old People

What Embarrassing Thing Did You Learn About Your Parents?

A new study claims that grandparents are a lot more "active" than you think! When we say "active" we mean it in a way that makes you say "EWWWWW!" We never want to think about parents or grandparents in this way....but these Stylz and Roman listeners had some pretty embarassing things they learned...
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Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley singing with a fire department is the video you need today

We love Brad.
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Kelly Clarkson/Blake Shelton

Kelly Clarkson just handmade Blake Shelton a gift and now we want one

Kelly, just tell us what we have to do.
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift brought 2,000 foster & adoptive kids to her rehearsal!!

Completely free & she tried to take a photo with every kid!
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Lady A Sings

Lady A Messed Up The National Anthem Over The Weekend!

Video of Lady Antebellum sing Star Spangled Banner ahead of Game 5 Lady Antebellum didn't have the greatest weekend... They sang the National Anthem before this past weekend's Nashville Predators game but Charles Kelley forgot a couple of the words! You have to feel for them, because we all had one...
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Front Row

Here's What Happened At Stylz and Roman's Friday Jason Aldean Giveaway!

Stylz and Roman had a hundred pairs of tickets to give away to Jason Aldean this Friday. Several hundred people showed up at Pinstripes in South Elgin, but one couple was there at 5 AM and was first in line. Their names were Matt and Stephanie and their long wait in line was rewarded with FRONT ROW...
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Brad and Wife

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Cayleigh From St. Charles says she could really use the $800 in the rolling jackpot to pay off some bills! Did a question about where Keith Urban was born trip her up? You can head in to class at Roman's College of Country Knowledge by emailing Mornings@US99.com ! Today's Questions: 1. A whole...
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