SNR Jordan

Sing On The Spot: Jordan Davis and Beard Oil

If you've ever seen Jordan Davis, he has one really impressive beard. So, of course, Stylz and Roman decided to do a Sing On The Spot on a topic that knows something about.....and that's beard oil! Was he able to make a hit song from the instructions of hw to apply beard oil?
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Sugarland Performs x2 on American Idol

New renditions of "Stay" & "Stuck Like Glue!"
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What Is The Cheesiest Pick Up Line You've Ever Heard?

Every woman has heard a bad pickup line. But, would they be willing to tell those pick up lines to "Singles You Up" singer Jordan Davis? He was in studio this morning and his reaction to some of the lines was hilarious! Check them out right here...
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Sam Hunt

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Who knew country music more, Roman or Linda from Lombard? If you've studied up and are ready, email Mornings@US99.com . Today's questions: 1. Garth Brooks and his wife recently made the announcement of who is going into the Country Music Hall of Fame this year. Who did he make the announcement with...
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Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis LIVE In Studio With Stylz and Roman!

Just hours after walking off stage, Jordan Davis was in studio this monring with Stylz and Roman! They talked about how awesome the show was last night, the things that he hides in his beard and the Chicago Cubs! Plus, they get into how Jordan Davis' "Singles You Up" is battling it out with Florida...
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6 Things to Do in Chicago When the Weather Is a Dream!

Calendar-wise, it's been spring for quite some time but unfortunately, the weather hasn't been cooperating. However, this Thursday, we're hitting the 70 DEGREES MARK! Here are a few things you can do today to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather before temps drop back to 30 and 40 degrees. And trust...
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Tax Day Doesn't Have to Suck with These Freebies/Deals!

April 17th is the dreaded Tax Day - the deadline for most folks to shell out a bunch of money to Uncle Sam. But just cause your wallet feels a little lighter, doesn't mean you have to miserable and gorge on Ramen noodles and frozen foods. Here are some delicious Tax Day deals you can take advantage...
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Gwen Stefani Has Marriage on Her Mind

That noise? Oh, it's just wedding bells in the distance. Gwen Stefani appeared on The Ellen Show Tuesday morning to promote her just-announced Las Vegas residency and naturally, the topic drifted to Stefani's country hunk, Blake Shelton. Ellen brought up the tabloid rumors that Gwen and Blake are...
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