Alarm Clock, New Study, Sleeping, Groggy

Your Alarm Clock Could Be Making You Groggy

A new study found that your alarm clock sound could be making you groggy. Your US*99 Morning Show shares what sound they wake up to every morning!
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Chicago Auto Show, McCormick Place

The Chicago Auto Show is this Weekend!

The annual Chicago Auto Show is back at the McCormick Place Convention Center this weekend ready to show off all the new makes and models!
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Bodega, Bronx, Shopping Spree

Customers Get Free Shopping Spree If They Answer Math Problems Correctly #GoodVibes

A bodega worker in the Bronx has gone viral after posting a video testing his customers; math skills. If the customers can answer a simple math problem correctly, he gives them a 5 second shopping spree.
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Kane Brown, Country Music, NBA Celebrity All Star Game

Kane Brown Set to Play in the 2020 NBA Celebrity All Star Game

Kane Brown will show off his basketball skills in the 2020 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game at the Wintrust Arena in downtown Chicago on Friday, February 14th.
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Scotty, Jason and Katie in the Morning, Office Suck Up

Meet Your US*99 Office Suck Up

Every workplace has that one person that just tries a little too hard when the boss comes around, right? We found out who the office suck-up is in the US*99 studio...
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Dinner, Valentine's Day, Date Night, Romantic Restaurant

Open Table Comes Out With List of Most Romantic Restaurants in Chicago

Open Table came out with a list of the most romantic restaurants in Chicago, just in time for Valentine's Day!
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Shamrock Shake, McDonalds, Seasonal Drink, St. Patrick's Day

The Shamrock Shake is Back Along With a New Seasonal McFlurry Flavor

It's the greatest time of the year! The famous McDonald's Shamrock Shake is back just in time for the holiday season! AND McDonald's is releasing another seasonal McFlurry flavor.
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Military Son, Surprise, Mother, Police Officer, Ceremony

Military Son Surprises Mom at Police Swearing In Ceremony #GoodVibes

Officer Erika Benning had the most special swearing-in ceremony when her military son who had been stationed overseas for the past two years surprised her with her badge!
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Sam Hunt, New Album, Country Music, Montavello

Sam Hunt Announces Release Date For Long Awaited Sophomore Album

FINALLY! It's been six years Sam Hunt released his debut album, Montevallo , and yesterday to fans' excitement he announced the release date for his long await sophomore album.
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Macy's, Department Store, Closing

Macy's is Closing Over 125 Stores

Macy's is closing 125 stores and cutting 2,000 corporate jobs. The struggling department store will spend the next 3 years reinventing itself to try to stay relevant in a world of online shopping.
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