Kimmie Caruba

Maren Morris

12 artists considered recording "The Middle" before it ultimately went to Maren Morris

Talk about finding the PERFECT fit!!
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Maren Morris & Ryan Hurd's wedding looked perfect

"One month ago, I married my best friend and we threw a kickass wedding."
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Getting a massage from snakes is apparently a thing...

NO! No no no no no NO!
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Taylor Swift 2018

Stalker makes it INSIDE Taylor Swift's NYC home

This is the second stalker in a week!
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Sugarland & Taylor Swift

Your First Listen of Sugarland feat. Taylor Swift "Babe"

Written by Taylor, now that they're label mates they took the opportunity to collaborate!
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LakeShake 2017

Now or Never! LakeShake Prices are set to increase!

Prices are scheduled to go up! Don't say we didn't warn you!
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Unicorn cake

Unicorn Snot will protect you from the sun

Yes you read that right & yes it's a real thing
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Taylor Swift

Man with a knife, rope arrested outside Taylor Swift's home

We are so glad she wasn't home!
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Jason Aldean

JUST released - Jason Aldean's new album "Rearview Town"

New Jason Aldean? Yes please!
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Sugarland Performs x2 on American Idol

New renditions of "Stay" & "Stuck Like Glue!"
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