elevator doors

Man Saves Dog After Leash Gets Caught In Elevator Door

Here's a video that every dog owner should see, just to learn a valuable lesson. And that is, stay glued to your dog's side while getting on or off an elevator. Especially if it's on a leash. A building's security cam filmed a woman walking onto an elevator, but the doors close BEFORE the dog can...
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Gender Price Wars, Price Is Right, US*99 Morning Show

The US*99 Morning Show Plays Gender Price Wars!

The Price Is Right: Gender Edition. Erin and Katie quiz Jason and Scotty to see if they know how much typical 'female' holiday items cost.
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Popeyes Has a New Chicken Sandwich Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you're looking for a last-minute ugly Christmas sweater that really sums up one of the hottest trends of the year, here you go. POPEYES just started selling a new ugly Christmas sweater featuring their chicken sandwich. The sweater has big orange and white horizontal stripes, with the Popeyes...
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Christmas gift

Study Finds Terribly Wrapped Presents Make People Happier

If you wrap presents like I do, great news! A new study has found that terribly wrapped presents actually make people happier. Hopefully the quality of presents I've got for ma family overshadow how badly they're wrapped cause am having a nightmare here — paul -- (@...
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house with no Christmas decorations

WATCH: The Only House Not Decorated For Christmas

There are tons of legitimate reasons that people don't decorate their houses for the holidays . . . and I'd sure love to know this person's story. Because they're the only one on their side of the block who didn't even try. It's especially noticeable because it's a string of row houses jammed...
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Guy Plays 'Jingle Bells'...On A Comb

So I have a feeling you're going to grab a comb and try this now. A guy played the chorus of "Jingle Bells" -- on his comb.
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US99 staff with check for St. Jude


THANK YOU CHICAGO for raising $782,643 for St. Jude!! Thanks to your generosity and support over the past two days we are now one step closer to ENDING childhood cancer once and for all!! ------------------------------------ St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is a magical place of hope and it is...
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guy near a chimney

Girl Gets Stuck In Chimney Trying To Sneak Back Into Home

A teenager in Arizona was trying to think of the best way to get back into her house after getting locked out from a night on the town. She decided her best course of action would be to shimmy down the chimney just like Santa Claus. Well, she got stuck, and started panicking. Apparently, the...
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french fries

We Could Be Staring Down A French Fry Shortage

There's speculation right now that we could have a FRENCH FRY SHORTAGE in this country after the unseasonably cold, wet weather damaged potato crops in Idaho, North Dakota, Minnesota, and some parts of Canada. That most likely means fewer potatoes . . . and higher prices as a result. --The U.S...
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dog looking out of window of car

Dog Left Alone In Car Drives Around In Circles For an Hour

A dog in Florida named Max took an actual spin in his owner's 2003 Mercury Sable after the man stepped out of the car and left Max inside. The dog's paws accidentally knocked the car into reverse. The silver car drove in slow circles in a cul-de-sac for about an hour. As you can imagine, it was...
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