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Chinese Food Dishes

Stylz & Roman's 15 Second Frenzy With Chase Rice

How many Chinese food rice dishes could you name in 15 seconds if someone pit you on the spot? Stylz and Roman put Chase Rice (Get it? Rice dishes. LOL!) to the test this moning to see how many he could name. Was it more or less that what listener Anna was able to name in this morning's 15 Second...
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Both Stylz and Roman both grew up with pets that would get jealous when they would bring a significant other over. But it's nothing compared to the jealous pets of these Stylz and Roman listeners!
Jealous Pets

Does Your Pet Get Jealous?

Roman had a dog growing up that would always get jealous when Roman would bring a girl over. Stylz had the same thing happen to him! They aren't the only ones with this problem either! Check out how jealous these Stylz and Roman listeners pets got!
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FGL and Nelly

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Roman was coming off a loss yesterday, so was Carol from Glendale Heights able to turn that one loss into two? Your chance at defeating Roman is one email away. ! Today's Questions: 1. Jason Alden just celebrated a birthday recently. He was born on February 28, 1977. How old is he...
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Chris Young Sing On The Spot

Sing On The Spot With Chris Young

Chris Young has a smooth voice, but can he make how to fold a pocket square in to a hit song? When Young was in town a couple of weeks ago, Stylz and Roman got him to do just that! It's Stylz and Roman's Sing on The Spot!
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Sometimes a tattoo sounds like a good idea when you're in your 20's but not so much when you get in to your 30's, 40's and beyond. Stylz and Roman talked to some people this morning that loved their tattoos when they first got them, but not so much now!
The Bachelor: After The Rose

Stylz & Roman's Bachelor: After The Rose Recap

Did you miss all the drama on The Bachelor: After The Rose last night? Stylz and Roman grabbed Showbiz Shelly from sister station B96 to give all the juicy details on what went down! But SPOILER ALERT...if it's still on your DVR and you haven't watched yet, you may want to wait to listen to this...
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