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Cruise Ship, Quarantined, Japan, America, Coronavirus

In-Laws of WGN's Dan Ponce Returned to US After Being Quarantined Aboard Cruise Ship Due to Coronavirus #GoodVibes

In-laws of WGN’s Dan Ponce are back safely after being quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan. They say they so far have no symptoms of the coronavirus and are doing well.
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Blue Country Night Out, US*99, Joes Live, Free Tickets

Come Hangout at the Jewel Osco in Des Plaines for Your Blue Country Night Out Tickets!

The Jason and Katie Morning Show will be out at the Jewel-Osco in Des Plaines today from noon - 1 pm giving away 100 free pairs of tickets to see our Blue Country Night Out show next week!
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O'hare Airport, Nintendo, Play Station, Flight

O'Hare Airport Will Now Have Nintendo Stations to Play While Waiting for Flight

Just in time for your winter and spring break getaways, there's something new at O'hare that'll help you and perhaps, more importantly, YOUR kids, pass the time while waiting for your flight.
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Heart Shaped Pizza, Valentine's Day, Restaurant, Local

List of Local Restaurants to Get a Heart Shaped Pizza for the Holiday!

Happy Valentine's Day! If you're looking for which restaurants are serving heart-shaped pizzas, look no further! Here is a list of the local places where you can get this holiday treat!
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First Grader, Chicago, Invention, Portable Sink

Chicago First Graders' Invention Earns Them National Attention #GoodVibes

Two very creative first graders from the Lenart Regional Gifted Center in Chicago came up with an invention that's earning them the national spotlight!
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Darius Rucker, Country Music, RIAA,

Darius Rucker's 'Wagon Wheel' Was Named the 5th Best Selling Country Song of All Time

While at the Country Music Hall of Fame on Wednesday, Darius Rucker was awarded with a plaque saying one of his songs just became the 5th best selling country song of all time!
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Amazon, Distribution Center, Chicagoland, Bolingbrook

New Amazon Distribution Center is Coming to Chicagoland

It appears another Amazon distribution center is coming to Chicagoland! Rumor has it Amazon has spent more than $50 million for the former site of Old Chicago in Bolingbrook.
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Maine West High School, Superfan, Basketball Team

78 Year Old is Suburban High School Basketball Team's Number One Fan #GoodVibes

For 61 years, Nick Ladas has reigned king of Maine West High School’s basketball court. While he never actually played on the team and he's not the coach, he is the best support system for the players.
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Old Dominion, Country Group, Gender Reveal, Tour

While on Tour Old Dominion Helped a Couple With Their Gender Reveal

Old Dominion's lead singer, Matt Ramsey, helped a couple reveal the gender of their baby while on tour last weekend in front of the entire arena!
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US*99 Romance Theater, Valentines Day, Love Scene, Movie

US*99 Morning Show Reenacts Famous Rom Com Scenes to Get Ready For Valentine's Day!

Grab your tissues! To help get you ready for Valentine's Day, your US*99 morning show reenacted the best scenes from the most romantic movies of all time!
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