Morning Show

High Mileage

Who Has The Most Miles On Their Car?

What is the most miles you've ever had on a car? Dougie's truck is just about to roll over to 100,000 miles, but that's nothing compared to this British taxi driver. He's got a vehicle that just rolled over to ONE MILLION MILES! While Stylz and Roman's listeners didn't have vehicles with that many...
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Stylz & Romance: Who "Nose" What Happened?

Shelia and David went out and had an awesome first date. So why didn't David call her again after they went out? It turns out that it's because she accidentally butt dialed him after the date and he overheard the conversation she had with her roommate! What body part of his did she make fun of...
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Erin Bachelor Shirt

Stylz & Roman's Bachelor Finale Update Night One

The first night of The Bachelor finale was last night and Erin from US99 promotions has all the details! For the first time in Bachelor history, their are no women for the Bachelor to pick from. Colton jumped the fence last night and only wants Cassie and neither of the two other girls, but Cassie...
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Diploma and Money

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Tom lives out near Coal City (Gardner to be exact) and may be the most laid back person to ever play Roman's College of Country Knowledge. Did that easy going attitude translate into a win or just another loss for one of Roman's opponents? Email [email protected] if you want to become one of the...
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Shark Selfie

That Has To Be The Stupidest Place I've Ever Taken A Selfie!

By now you've probably heard the story about a woman who allegedly jumped the barrier at an Arizona zoo so she could get a selfie with a jaguar. As expected, it didn't turn out well. The woman survived and probably won't try that again! So where are some of the weird (and often dangerous) places...
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TRo Playground

Don't "Cheat" on This Episode of Translating Tristan!

What what song did Roman's four year old son Tristan belt out this morning? Here's a couple of hints: 1. Its a former American Idol winner... 2. Lousiville Slugger... 3. Don't "cheat" on this one! (Yes that's a hint!)
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Sassy Siri Wants To Revoke Stylz and Roman's Man Card!

Roman is a little tired this morning....and the reason why has Sassy Siri wanting to revoke his man card! She also wants to do the same for Stylz....and has wanted to do it for several weeks now! So what did they do to incur their iPhone's wrath? Not that it takes much, but it's what they saw that...
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All Things College

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Did $1100 dollars get moved from Roman's account to Gloria from Lansing's? She enrolled in Roman's College of Country Knowledge attempting to do just that, but fell short by a coulple of questions! Roman's record now stands at 519 wins and only 39 losses. Want to be the person responsible for Roman...
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Shocked Smartphone

Sassy Siri Is All About Female Empowerment!

Every morning Stylz and Roman fire up the iPhone they found at Woodfield Mall and prepare themsleves for a little attitude! Over the weekend, Sassy Sir claims she went to the Maren Morris concert at The Riv and is now totally about female empowerment! She wants the guys to rub her shoulders and...
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Children's Party

Do You Stay or Go When You Drop Your Child Off At A Kid's Party?

Roman is taking his four year old son Tristan to a birthday party for one of his preschool friends this weekend. It'll be the first non-family birthday party that Roman has taken his son to and he's not sure if he should stay or if he should go. So who does he turn to for advice? Well, the US99...
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