Brothers Osborne, Music Video, Duo, Country Music, All Night

Brothers Osborne throw a trippy quarantine party for one in "All Night" music video

Brothers Osborne released their new music video for their current single "All Night," and it's the most 2020 thing we could think of: a trippy quarantine party for one.
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Ingrid Andress, Deluxe Album, More Hearts Than Mine, Little Big Town

Ingrid Andress to release deluxe album featuring collaboration with Little Big Town

Ingrid Andress, one of our class of 2020 artists, is set to release a deluxe album featuring three new songs, one being a new collaboration with Little Big Town. The two team up for a revamped version of Andress's #1 hit "More Hearts Than Mine."
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Luke Combs, New Song, Deluxe Album, Breakup Track

Luke Combs teases new breakup track from his deluxe album

Luke Combs teased a new breakup track from his deluxe album in a video post on Instagram. Both the album and song will officially come out on October 23rd.
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Kane Brown, Worldwide Beautiful, Music Video, Racial Equality, Children, World

Kane Brown looks to kids to save a broken world in new "Worldwide Beautiful" music video

Kane Brown is making a statement and calling for racial equality and justice with his new unifying anthem "Worldwide Beautiful." The music video shows how kids and children can help heal a broken world.
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Tyler Hubbard, FGL, Florida Georgia Line, Baby, Boy, Child, Hayley Hubbard

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line welcomes third child, a beautiful baby boy

Tyler Hubbard, one half of the country duo, Florida Georiga Line, welcomed his third child over the weekend with his wife Hayley! Atlas Roy Hubbard joins older brother Luca and sister, Olivia.
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Travis Tritt, New Single, Ghost Town Nation, Country Music, Song

Travis Tritt is back with energetic new single "Ghost Town Nation"

Travis Tritt has been in the country music industry for over three decades, racking up many #1 hits and awards, and now he is back with the release of his new single "Ghost Town Nation.'
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Michael Ray, New Song, Whiskey and Rain, 90s Country, Country Music

Michael Ray's new single "Whiskey and Rain" takes us back to good ole 90s country

Michael Ray is going back to his roots and remembering why he started making country music with this next album. The leadoff single "Whiskey and Rain" couldn't be more 90's country if it tried.
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Jordan Davis, Cover, Harry Styles, Country Music, Watermelon Sugar

Stop what you're doing and listen to Jordan Davis cover Harry Styles

When your favorite country artists cover your favorite pop artists, it's an amazing thing to watch. Jordan Davis put his own little twist on Harry Style's amazing "Watermelon Sugar."
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Reba McEntire, Melissa Peterman, Podcast, Living and Learning, Sitcom, Co-Stars

Your favorite sitcom co-stars Reba and Barbara Jean (Melissa Peterman) are back with a podcast

Your favorite comedy sitcom co-stars, Reba and Barbara Jean (Melissa Peterman) launched a new podcast about friendship and life called Living and Learning with Reba McEntire.
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Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Season 2, Premiere, TV Show theme songs, Kellyoke

Season 2 of The Kelly Clarkson Show opened with an amazing medley of classic TV show theme songs AND a special guest!

The Kelly Clarkson Show started its second season with an amazing medley of classic TV show theme songs during the opening Kellyoke segment. Also, a special guest helped Clarkson sing one of the songs.
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