Stylz & Roman


What Did You Miss Out On Because You Were Sick?

Roman was all packed and ready to head out to Stagecoach over the weekend, but ended up getting sick and landed himself in the ER. Because of that illness, he wasnt able to travel to California over the weekend!! Check out what major life events these Stylz and Roman listeners had to miss out on...
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Jon Pardi

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

What does it take to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge? It takes some serious country know-how! Did Julie from Itasca have that know-how? Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. Shania Twain ended up apologizing after saying she would have voted for this person if...
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Angry Emoji

How Do You Know When Your Significant Other Is Angry?

There's always something that your significant other says or does that you know they're angry! Stylz and Roman talked to a bunch of listeners about what their plus one does.....and even Trisha Yearwood weighed in! What does your BF/GF/spouse do?
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Trisha Yearwood was on the show this morning talking her new exclusive home accessories line, Garth Brooks, new music and more!

Speaking of which, here's how you can win some of that exclusive Trisha Kirklands' stuff: ...

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Erin says she needs a vacation, so the money in the rolling jackpot would really help! How did she do today in Roman's College of Country Knowledge? Email for an opportunity at that money! Today's Questions: 1. What night is Florida Georgia Line playing LakeShake? (Sunday) 2. This...
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Trisha and Garth

Trisha Yearwood Checks In With Stylz and Roman

Country music royality checked in with Stylz and Roman today! Fresh off performing at Stagecoach, Garth Brooks' plus one, Trisha Yearwood was on the show! She talked about her new exclusive home accessories line at Kirklands and how cool it is to see stuff you designed in a store! Speaking of which...
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SNR Aldean ACM

Jason Aldean Gave Us 100 Pairs of Tickets From His Personal Stash!

When Stylz and Roman were in Las Vegas, Jason Aldean gave them his personal cellphone number and told them to call him if they ever needed anything. Today, they called in that favor. Jason gave Stylz and Roman 100 pairs of tickets from his personal stash....and they're going to give them away to...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

If Shannon wins the rolling jackpot this morning, she plans on using that $550 bucks on her 17 onth old son Austin. Want to pull some money out of Stylz and Roman's wallet? Email to enroll in Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Today's Questions: 1. Maybe it had something to do...
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