Jason Pullman

Weekdays 5:30-10AM

Jason is one of the premier radio personalities and voice-over artists in the country.

Known for his hip, quick sense of humor, Jason immediately established himself as a rising star in the incredibly tough L.A. market, where he became the voice-over talent for CBS TV, Chilis, & Expedia just to name a few. Jason also commanded the afternoon drive slot at Star 98 7 in L.A. for a number of years and kept it real on TLC’s Faking It, ABC Family Channel’s Perfect Match, all the while being heard on a myriad of national promos for numerous media outlets including CBS, ABC, FX, and TBS.  

Jason returned to his home town of Atlanta in 2009, where he enjoyed his wildly successful decade-long run at 94 9 The Bull for iHeart Radio. His loyal fans never tired of hearing whatever clever ideas and bits came into Jason’s mind.

With Jason, what you see is what you get ... a great talent chocked full of humor complemented by a heart of gold. He compares himself to really good comfort food or even a pair of your favorite jeans. In other words, he’s comfortable to listen to. “My roots run a helluva lot deeper than most,” Jason says. “I want to bring REALNESS, AUTHENTICITY, KINDNESS and GENUINENESS to my audience. I want people to feel comfortable having me come into their lives and consider me a part of their family.”

It’s only natural that Jason found this medium as his career. At the ripe old age of five, he was “hanging around playing DJ on the microphone at the station where my dad was a general sales manager. I knew instantly that a career in radio and television was in my blood and in my future.”

Jason has been fulfilling that dream and is ready now to soar even higher as he enters the next phase of his career hosting mornings on the legendary US99. “I love what I do!”

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