Marci Braun

Mon-Fri: 1PM - 3PM

Lives in the city and loves her dog, Norbert! In Kindergarten, Marci got thrown out of class for wanting to sing “Sleeping Single in a Double Bed” by Barbara Mandrell during class sing-a-long time…she was destined for a career in music—or getting in trouble. (It’s been a little bit of both!) Born and raised in Arlington Heights, and a proud graduate of Buffalo Grove High School, Marci has been playing radio since ’95. Marci went to St. Norbert College just outside of Green Bay, WI and got her first job at WNCY. She’s happy to be back home torturing her family and friends on a daily basis. Marci is hopelessly addicted to everything pop culture, her dog Norbert, and the Chicago Cubs (and most sports for that matter).

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